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• Maximum 9-ch 1080P IPCAM input, 4*CIF for 4split preview,
• 1-ch 1080P playback
• Support 2*3T SATA harddisk
• Support onvif protocol IPCAM input,the IPCAM of Hikvision,Dahua,TVT,Topsee,Grandstream are connect well with test verification
• 25Mbps data processing capability
• NVR one-key-match IDCAM, if NVR network segment is changed, IDCAM will reconnect automatically
• IDCAM CDS threshold value can be setup by NVR
• Windows and iMac CMS is free,software supports up to 64 NVR connecting at the same time
• iPhone and android OS software support 16split preview,1080P network playback and PTZ control
• Support network keyboard control
• Easy cabling and maintaince
• NVR with similar functions as DVR
• Well-done lightning protection, no image interference

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