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Shenzhen aster technology co., ltd Established in 2005, Aster has been a one-top CCTV solution. We specialize in CCTV for more than 8 years and continuously provide a comprehensive range of highest quality video surveillance products. We have specialized in DVR before. DVR with good reliability, easy to use, perfect network function and excellent mobile performance help get warmly and largely welcome by the market, to some extent, leading the DVR market trend. We are also the first one to introduce SOC chip to CCTV.

With eyes on the future, continue our emphasis on innovation & creativity while deploying the world’s best technology to fulfill the global CCTV. IP camera and NVR are provided on the basis of DVR. IP camera replaces IP with ID. No IP address. ID technology is our important breakthrough. Network products become no longer difficult to use with ID technology, even for non-IT savvy.
Reliability, easy to use, good compatibility and complete always be our focus . We would continue providing practical products and leading industrial development. Keep your life safer, keep your life better.

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